Connect 2017 by Full Contact: Condensed Notes

The following are my notes from the Connect 2017 Conference put on by Full Contact. It was very insightful. Base decisions on data to avoid marketing to people that are not interesting and nurturing those who are interested and building more human to human connections by personalizing the experience so […]

Open Source Internship Series

Today’s technology landscape is moving too fast to keep track of everything at once. There are too many new tools, websites and too much advice to reliably become an expert on any one thing without the possibility of it becoming outdated or irrelevant. Going back to school is hardly an […]

36 seconds and the rest of my life

I missed registration for Boston by 36 seconds. A seemingly insignificant amount of time that actually carries a tremendous amount of weight. Two years of training, two Ironman races, countless obstacles overcome and a inspirational amount of support leaves me wondering when enough is enough. I qualified for Boston, which was […]