My wife and I in Sedona, Arizona during a rare snowfall.

I moved to Denver with my wife from Portland, Oregon in 2015. I most recently worked as a youth advocate at the Native American Youth Association in Portland, OR. I was in the Oregon Army National Guard, and am into hockey, coding, pizza and running and triathlons, hiking and the great outdoors.

As part of my new position #CUDWellness I will be working mainly in the bike shop. I was a history major in my undergraduate and am currently an MBA student at the University of Colorado – Denver with a specialization in information systems.


Me getting my number marked on my arm before Ironman Lake Placid in 2015.
My short-term goal is to break the 3-hour marathon and my long-term goal is to find a full-time developer position. I operate a small business named Corky’s Dev Shop, where I provide web services to small businesses.

The envisioned future I’d like to help create is one where we thrive as a community and respect each other’s differences, especially surrounding skills, abilities, and experiences. By cultivating an integrated space where the long term and short term are congruent, we can create a future of fun and constructive experiences.