Isolation Wellness

I thought I’d write a quick blog post on some tips for wellness during isolation. However, I wrote a more comprehensive system that can be found here: 

Some general thoughts on what I’ve found helpful are:

1.) Committing to Journalling 3 pages a day, switching colored pens along the way, based in prompts from the app Grateful, but writing freehand and only putting the summation of my thoughts in the app. The app has many default prompts, but I’ve added many of my own from books on This was brought about by a Buffalo is Creative event called Journaling for Deeper Insight and Greater Presence, which was great. Anthony’s business looks pretty great too. It’s worth reaching out for his reflection guide and book.

2.) Headspace has made available some of their content for guided meditation that I think is pretty great. It’s available at

3.) I open sourced my long time project Bottlecaps as an attempt at being helpful. The link to the code is at the bottom. Giving back is a great way to make yourself feel good. I also updated my causes with causes I’m supporting.

I hope something in here was helpful to someone.
Thanks for reading.