Open Source Internship Series

Today’s technology landscape is moving too fast to keep track of everything at once. There are too many new tools, websites and too much advice to reliably become an expert on any one thing without the possibility of it becoming outdated or irrelevant. Going back to school is hardly an […]

36 seconds and the rest of my life

I missed registration for Boston by 36 seconds. A seemingly insignificant amount of time that actually carries a tremendous amount of weight. Two years of training, two Ironman races, countless obstacles overcome and a inspirational amount of support leaves me wondering when enough is enough. I qualified for Boston, which was […]

Training for Boston

I have a feeling that my 3:03:27 time at the California International Marathon in December may be enough to run Boston 2017. In 2016, 4,562 qualifying runners were not accepted (of 28,594 time qualifying applicants) and needed to show a time 2:28 seconds faster than their Boston Qualifying (BQ) time. […]

Inspiration Roundup

I’ve collected a considerable amount of links to inspirational web development sites that I’d like to share. Here they are: skrollr Fullscreen Layout with Page Transitions 45 brilliant design portfolios to inspire you CallToIdea 9 Mind-Blowing Canvas Demos 50 Best Websites 2014 Data-Driven Documents Responsive Design PixelKit Snap Pizza […]

How to use Weigh Fit

The data is showing me that there are users who continue to use WeighFit in its current form. I have several improvements in mind including AppleWatch integration, a dashboard widget  and food categories to further promote consuming a variety of healthy foods. The more attention the app gets the more I will work […]

Introducing Weigh Fit

It’s been a long time coming, but today has arrived. Pi day (3/14). Mmmm…pie. What goes good with pie you ask? How about a free, open source CALORIE BALANCING APP!? (what!) That’s right folks, Weigh Fit  was officially released on the app store today. My first iOS app couldn’t have come at […]

The Employer’s Cheat Sheet

“See challenges as opportunities to learn” -Senior iOS Developer for Nike   That’s the best advice I’ve received. It has nothing to do with computers, but it’ll endure pressure. The same senior dev told my friends and I his value for potential. He said when he’s interviewing someone he basically plops […]

Tech Companies Need BAs: Lorem Ipsum is not enough

I’ve been around long enough in tech to understand a few things. First, there is a limit to the amount someone can look at a screen before it’s no longer fun. I’ve met several people with computer science degrees that have admitted they hate programming. Is it because it’s hard? […]

Job Search Introduction

Greetings- I just moved to Denver, CO from Portland, OR with my fiancee’ and am very motivated to find work quickly. In fact, I can start working right now. Time is money and I’m currently not making any, so lets talk. I want to apply my skills to production code […]

Warbler: How to create post view

Ok, working on Warbler again. Trying to make it look like this project. Right now users can log in and the app verifies their information from the database.js file. The log in screen is loaded using handlebars templates via the res.render function in the app.js file. I can tell res.render is from express because […]