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I just moved to Denver, CO from Portland, OR with my fiancee’ and am very motivated to find work quickly. In fact, I can start working right now. Time is money and I’m currently not making any, so lets talk.

I want to apply my skills to production code under the tutelage of a senior developer. I would like to stay at that organization for a couple of years. I’d like to work in a dev shop on different projects. I’m very passionate about what I do and I make decisions that reflect my passion.

I would like to work on iOS apps, primarily in Objective-C but can switch to Swift if necessary. I also know Javascript and the Mongo, Express, Backbone, Node stack. I realized that although online tutorials would be good enough for some people, I strive for excellence, so I put myself through 2 coding bootcamps to augment my knowledge. A full stack Javascript course and an iOS development bootcamp. Our JS team capstone, Profession Quest: an app the assist job seekers is here and our iOS project, WeighFit: a calorie balancing app, is here. These are really fun for me to work on, but I’m not getting paid for it so I have to find paid work instead. This in combination with my current 29,000 points on which ranks me at around 117 of 342,747 users, is an adequate knowledge base to get started.

I want to learn how to symbolicate crash reports, work with Amazon Web Services, and learn what Dev Ops really is. I want to work with Ionic, and be able to explain all of the idiosyncrasies of predicates and Grand Central Dispatch and how many ways there is to sort an array. I want to use paintcode to draw bezier curves programmatically, I want to develop for the iWatch, use task runners, and learn how to migrate data across databases. I want to learn python, django and java. I want to learn how to describe what refactoring really is, other than ‘make your code suck less.’ I want to know more design patterns and become a senior developer who knows how things scale. I want to go to meetups and hackathons and volunteer my time like so many have done for me. I want to be the go to guy who knows git. I want to be able to explain to the new guy why Ember’s runtime environment is so cool. I want to introduce people to promises and JSON key transformations in asynchronous callbacks. I want to work with Crittercism, Unity, core motion, health kit, snap kit, and alamofire. I want to complain about auto layout, parse XML, learn ECMA6, bcrypt and salt passwords at rest, use sprite kits and bit bucket. I just want to code and be a part of the community, but I need a job, so please if you know of a position that fits my skills please pass on my resume. I’ve even got my own desk and a computer. I’ve already been around the world, now it’s time to get to work.

Thanks for reading and here is my resume:


-Stephen Printup

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