Introducing Weigh Fit


It’s been a long time coming, but today has arrived. Pi day (3/14). Mmmm…pie.

What goes good with pie you ask? How about a free, open source CALORIE BALANCING APP!? (what!) That’s right folks, Weigh Fit  was officially released on the app store today. My first iOS app couldn’t have come at a better time! Now I can track those calories the way I want! Download it today and give it 5 stars even if you don’t like it, because pie!

Thank you to all those who contributed time, energy and support to this free, open source endeavor. You know who you are… my friends, my colleagues, my fiancee’ and that amazing crew over at and my coaches. If you want your name plastered on the project, just let me know and it’ll be done.

Also, if anyone knows someone with a dev job, pass on my info because I need a job like before yesterday. Thanks again everyone!!


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