Inspiration Roundup

I’ve collected a considerable amount of links to inspirational web development sites that I’d like to share. Here they are: skrollr Fullscreen Layout with Page Transitions 45 brilliant design portfolios to inspire you CallToIdea 9 Mind-Blowing Canvas Demos 50 Best Websites 2014 Data-Driven Documents Responsive Design PixelKit Snap Pizza […]

Warbler: How to create post view

Ok, working on Warbler again. Trying to make it look like this project. Right now users can log in and the app verifies their information from the database.js file. The log in screen is loaded using handlebars templates via the res.render function in the app.js file. I can tell res.render is from express because […]

Full Stack Project Practice: Express, Handlebars, Node, Orchestrate,

Ok, I’m working with a group on Warbler and it’s confusing. So I’m going to break down the project into smaller bits to understand. Unlike static pages, the Express Generator creates an app.js file that, from what I can tell is the first file to run when requested from the browser. […]

Oh! You mean things have more than one effect?

Ok, so learning how to program has been difficult and I’ve been been fortunate enough to have encouraging and supportive mentors. So, I’ve decided to reciprocate and share something that has made the experience more clear, conceptually. When writing code, you store things in variables and then you can use […]

Memory Game

So I worked through creating this memory game today in my javascript class:

The making of my blog

Writing blog posts is going to take some time to get used to, but basically I want to talk about getting my first blog up and running. I’ve run a blog before, nothing serious, but it was something that I mad that lived online. I learned via about […]

Tutorials: Read Me

Tutorials on my blog are a ‘work in progress.’ I know what I want to do, but I don’t really know how to do it. If you’re interested in helping me out and pointing me in the right direction, I’d appreciate it. This way I can both learn what I […]

Password Protect Categories

I’m trying to password protect a ‘app idea’ category in WordPress. There are two desirable outcomes. The first is a wordpress page that is password protected and when the password is entered correctly the page displays all the posts from a specified category, which are hide otherwise. The alternative desirable […]

Add Favicon to WordPress

I have a favicon I want to add to WordPress: So I uploaded it to here: and followed these instructions: Too easy  

Learning PHP

I’ve sat through many PHP courses as well as courses on other back end programming languages. One thing that I’ve realized is that coding can be so different than what we find in every day life. We, as people, often visualize new concepts by analogy. Sometimes this is a phrase […]