Introducing Weigh Fit

It’s been a long time coming, but today has arrived. Pi day (3/14). Mmmm…pie. What goes good with pie you ask? How about a free, open source CALORIE BALANCING APP!? (what!) That’s right folks, Weigh Fit  was officially released on the app store today. My first iOS app couldn’t have come at […]

The Employer’s Cheat Sheet

“See challenges as opportunities to learn” -Senior iOS Developer for Nike   That’s the best advice I’ve received. It has nothing to do with computers, but it’ll endure pressure. The same senior dev told my friends and I his value for potential. He said when he’s interviewing someone he basically plops […]

Tech Companies Need BAs: Lorem Ipsum is not enough

I’ve been around long enough in tech to understand a few things. First, there is a limit to the amount someone can look at a screen before it’s no longer fun. I’ve met several people with computer science degrees that have admitted they hate programming. Is it because it’s hard? […]

Job Search Introduction

Greetings- I just moved to Denver, CO from Portland, OR with my fiancee’ and am very motivated to find work quickly. In fact, I can start working right now. Time is money and I’m currently not making any, so lets talk. I want to apply my skills to production code […]