Corky’s Dev Shop

Corky’s Dev Shop: Software for Small Businesscoffee

As an effort to both grow my professional network, offer support to the community and gain experience I started a development shop that specializes in creating software for small businesses. I learned about building customer relationships and the full cycle of app development, including considerations like app maintenance, conversion and engagement, Q & A, quality assurance, invoicing and a myriad of technologies included in each app. Technologies used include Meteor, Angular, Bootstrap, and Git. One of the biggest challenges that I faced was organizing the many little tasks that had to be accomplished on each project, which I did using a combination of Evernote, Google Apps for business and the Github issue tracker.




iOS Development IMG_2664

WeighFit: A native iOS calorie balancing app

An open source, calorie balancing, iPhone app that helps people balance their calorie intake by comparing what they have consumed to a virtual partner down to the minute. This app can help diabetics, athletes and people interested in maintain a healthy weight. It persists to Core Data (iPhone’s built in database), so it doesn’t need an internet connection to operate. It also CRUDs immutable datatypes to the HealthKit API. During this project I learned about memory persistence, object oriented programming using a C based language, debugging using X-Code, views and animations, and deploying using Test Flight and iTunes Connect.






Strength and Rehab for Runnersscreen-shot-2017-01-11-at-8-57-20-am

A RESTful API for creating JSON through a graphical user interface that is meant to prevent running injuries. I learned about authentication and authorization, persisting to Mongo using Mongoose, the Pug templateing engine, different features with Express and deploying to Heroku while provisioning a database.




Profession Quest: Job Listing API Aggregator  Screen Shot 2015-11-11 at 8.57.09 PM

This was our capstone project that allowed me to explore Backbone.js, asynchronous promises, bcrypt/salt authentication, git/github remote management, heroku, node.js, handlebars, google analytics, mocha testing, Restful routing, user sessions, and Mongodb. Read more about the background here





Automated Testing

Whiteboard: TDD/BDD test suite using Cucumber-js and Selenium

This project leverages the Selenium Web Driver to run the Chrome browser through automated web app tests. It implements the Javascript language binding for Cucumber, a popular behavior driven development tool, and Node’s native assertion API. While building this project I learned about Test Driven Development, Behavior Driven Development, Regression testing, and the single threaded Javascript event loop with RESTful APIs and the task queue.





Frontend WorkshopScreen Shot 2016-03-10 at 12.56.14 PM

This is a living document where I practice my front-end skills by mixing together content from a variety of sources to make a simple Bootstrap page. I not only recreate features from tutorials, but integrated them all into a single responsive page. I’ve practiced CSS3 animations, took a deep look at layout and published using Github pages.

Backend Workshop

Similar to the Frontend Workshop, the Backend workshop is a living repository where I experiment with tools and technologies and practice fundamentals like routing, persistence, bundling and more.



Memory Game  Screen Shot 2015-11-12 at 9.42.53 AM

A simple memory game written in javascript, where user picks from boxes drawn on the screen to try and match movies to quotes. When found they disappear.






This site has given me the opportunity to explore the wide and rich world of Word Press as well as consider other content management systems.  It’s a place for me to think and maybe get feedback.






I donated my time to create my first website and decided to code from the ground up, so that I could learn the most. On the skeleton framework I figured out responsive web design, integrated a sticky header element and included a favicon. I navigated an FTP and experimented with many different CSS tricks.



I made this logo from and pencil sketch provided by a Sports Acupuncture startup in Portland, OR. I took the sketch and made it into a vector image that can be scaled to fit on a letterhead, storefront, website or billboard to maintain consistent branding.


Here is the logo for my blog. I applied drop shadows around my initials for depth and encapsulated the entire logo in a circle reminiscent of the teachings of Wu Wei. The turquoise represents a cool, calm peace and reflects the traditional flair of Native American art.


PG Logo 2

For a friend, I created a couple logos to use in his upcoming Chinese medicine practice. The first logo is a yin yang symbol that has been modified and recolored to represent the falling leaves of fall, while still carrying a point similar to that of a acupuncture needle. The second logo is a sprinter who has unleashed an unprecedented strength that is tearing him from his cool blue enclosure, due to many tiny acupuncture points the viewer notices only on closer inspection.


My design work includes various fliers I’ve created for events throughout the year. The first is a Talent Show flier, where hidden talents are uncovered like the red curtain that pulls away to unveil piano keys laid in front of the viewer waiting to be played.

Student Space (2)

New_Student Space

These next two fliers are for an after school study space for students needing extra support or simply a place to hang out. An atom holds tremendous pressure that exudes energy and provokes thought. The space theme inspires students to consider fields in science, technology, engineering and math. The second flier is a updated flier for the second half of the school year and represents the new days of spring and fresh thought brought by sunny spring weather after a winter indoors.


HiHi Kuri Fun Run Flier

I created a logo for a 5k fun run using a Native American language called Chinuk Wawa. My logo was selected from several possibilities and was used in the development of the race. Hihi Kuri roughly translates to ‘fun run’ and represents an invitation to all people. The advertising campaign began around New Years, so I incorporated a star to represent a new year’s resolution. The background is multi-colored footprints I created using a symbol sprayer to represent their owners navigating around objects on the page, a reflection of the race’s goal of overcoming boundaries.

logo contest

1491s Event Flyer2

In college, my logo for a student club won a logo contest and was printed on merchandise including t-shirt and sweatshirts as well as displayed on the school website. I continued to hone my design skills by creating fliers that use custom formatted text that flows along different shapes.